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        1. Foam mattresses, inner linings in cars, chairs, sofas etc.

          Isocyanate is one of the components in broadly all foam products such as foam mattresses, inner linings in cars, cushioning in car seats, chairs and sofas. The hard qualities are used for insulation of houses, machines, tubes, etc.

          There are various types of isocyanate, but common to all of them is that they react to the humidity of the air by forming very hard crystals, which wear out the pumps and mechanical seals, if any. In addition to Isocyanate, ROTAN? pumps are also widely used for Polyol, Flame Retardant and Octoate in PU foam production.

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          Polyurethane Foam/Isocyanate

          The only solution we can give our whole-hearted support is to use a MAGNETICALLY COUPLED pump.

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