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        1. Oil Skimmers

          DESMI oil skimmers are used all over the world and are trusted through-out the industry.

          DESMI has a wide range of oil skimmers available for the different oil spill situations and environments.

          An offshore oil skimmer unit will enable you to recover and collect floating oil on the water.

          Proven Oil Spill Equipment

          Skimmers for every oil spill situation

          High quality and high efficiency skimmers for recovering and collecting floating oil on water.



          Weir Skimmers

          ? Applications
          Tarantula Offshore
          Tarantula XL Offshore
          Terminator Offshore, Nearshore
          Ro-Skim Offshore, Nearshore
          Termite Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
          Mini-Max Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
          Terrapin Ports/Ponds, Industrial
          Ro-Weir Ports/Ponds, Rivers



          Brush/Disc/Belt Skimmers

          ? Applications
          Giant Octopus Offshore, Nearshore
          Octopus In-Line Offshore, Nearshore
          Helix Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
          Alligator Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
          DBD 2 Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
          DBD 5 Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial
          DBD 13-4 Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
          DBD 16 Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
          DBD 20 Nearshore, Ports/Ponds
          DBD 40 Offshore, Nearshore
          DBD Modules Offshore, Nearshore
          Belt Skimmer Offshore, Nearshore
          Polar Bear Ice Skimmer Offshore, Nearshore
          SeaMop Offshore, Nearshore
          Ro-Mop 140 Ports/Ponds, Rivers, Industrial



          Suction Skimmers

          ? Applications
          Ro-Vac Onshore
          Ro-Vac Mini Onshore

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