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        1. High efficiency pumps for Aalborg District Heating

          At the recently established pumping station, Stigsborg Bygade, in N?rresundby, Northern Jutland, four new DESMI centrifugal pumps are installed to supply district heating for a part of this area (7-8,000 residents). In connection with the new pumping station established by Aalborg District Heating, both esthetics and sustainability have been taken into consideration, which even appears clearly watching the pretty exterior timber cladding, the huge window sections, and the green grass covered roofing.

          The best pumps for the purpose!

          These are some of the words formulated
          by Thomas Andreasen at Aalborg District
          Heating when we were questioning him
          about why DESMI centrifugal pumps were
          selected by Aalborg District Heating for
          the new pumping station.

          When selecting the supplier of the new
          district heating pumps for the pumping
          station in N?rresundby, DESMI was
          selected due to the following parameters:
          ? High efficiency
          ? Good price
          ? Compliance with the noise level required

          Aalborg Forsyning

          Stigsborg Bygade Pumping Station in N?rresundby, Northern Jutland

          On the basis of the different parameters, DESMI
          was selected due to the Total Cost of Ownership.
          The efficiency of the pumps is high, as well as the
          performance is really good”, says Thomas Andreasen
          and continues: “Besides, an additionally high noise
          level for the pumping station has been required; a
          permissible emission level of maximum 35 decibels
          – also a requirement met by the DESMI pumps
          equipped with noise reducing motors”.


          Moreover, Thomas says that the pumps are perfect
          for low-temperatures, which this district heating
          pumping station is operating at.

          The circulation of the 60°C hot water is ensured by
          these pumps, which is low temperature level within
          the district heating business, and, which, among
          other things, is achieved by recirculating the return
          flow of cold water within the system.

          The 4 pumps of the type NSL 125-265A12, NSL 125-
          215A12, and NSL 100-215A12 are ready to pump a lot
          of district heating circulating in the piping system for
          many residents in the area.

          Thomas Andreasen, Aalborg District Heating

          “We are very satisfied with the new pumps and are looking forward starting to use these. For more than 20 years, we have been working with DESMI pumps and have gained quite good experience with the pumps and their performance.
          At the same time, DESMI has its’ own after-sales and service department, ensuring the maintenance of the pumps, and thus, that these are running for many years”.

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