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        1. Dan-Balt A/S - Pan European Terminals PLC

          DESMI NSL centrifugal pumps for heavy fuel oil transfer.

          Dan-Balt A/S - Pan European Terminals PLC

          DESMI NSL centrifugal pumps for heavy fuel oil transfer at the Dan-Balt A/S terminal in Aaberaa, Denmark.

          Pan European Terminals PLC with locations in Aabenraa, Denmark, has 160,000 m3 of storage strategically located close to Pan European’s existing ports but also close to Amsterdam / Rotterdam / Antwerp (ARA), the Kiel Canal and Gasoil’s distribution business.

          General Manager Hardy Olsen requested pumps for the transfer of heavy fuel oil and the technical requirements for the future pumps were:

          - 1000 m3/h at 7.5 bar
          - 0.990 kg/l
          - 400 cSt – 60oC

          DESMI’s solution was three DESMI NSL 200-415 inline centrifugal pumps with 200 kW 4-pole motors incl. frequency converters for more flexibility.


          Dan-Balt A/S is very satisfied with the solution. The pumps are running perfectly and live up to the expectations.

          Hardy Olsen says: “DESMI is a very competent pump partner. DESMI has a lot of knowledge about pumps for this kind of application and we had good support in the planning and installation of the pumps. All pumps were delivered on time, have a low noise level and are running well".


          Pan European Terminals PLC either owns, operates or leases terminals or tank capacity in Baltic Kaliningrad Region and Kaliningrad City (Russia), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Aabenraa (Denmark). The management have taken the strategic decision to diversify the group from a reliance of operations in the FSU to a broadening of its infrastructure model across Europe to enhance flexibility and transhipment options for its growing client base.

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