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        1. Clean up of white diesel fuel

          Oil Control Systems reports a clean up of white Diesel Fuel and Heavy Fuel Oil in Port of Rotterdam.

          Oil Control Systems (our Dutch and Belgium agent within Oil Spill Response) reports a clean up of 10 m3 of white Diesel Fuel and 10m3 of Heavy Fuel Oil in Port of Rotterdam.


          The clean up has been taken care of Rotterdam based contractor Hebo Maritime Services, a customer of Oil Control Systems.


          Mr. Mark van der Meer of Hebo Maritime Services reports : "After we used Oilbooms to contain the diesel- and heavy fuel oil spill we used our vessel Hebocat-5 with the onboard DESMI TERMITE?Oil Skimmer for clean up.


          This TERMITE skimmer has a DOP-160 pump onboard which could easily handle the more viscious heavy fuel oil. For the Diesel fuel we equipped this TERMITE skimmer with the “drop on” DBD40S Disc module which is ideal for the lighter oils.
          In doing so we are able to collect both spills, another proof of the DESMI!"

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