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        1. Commissioning

          Optimizing and Condition Based Maintenance of Pumps and Pumping Systems

          Optimizing Savings Efficiency

          DESMI provides commissioning, service, and condition based maintenance on pumps and pumping systems globally.


          Based on more than 100 years’ experience in production and servicing of pumps, we know what is required to ensure that your pump will have the longest life, the optimum efficiency and not least that you will have savings in relation to power consumption etc.


          To obtain the best benefits from the pumps’ performance, we recommend optimizing the performance already during installation of the pumps.

          By installing and servicing the pumps in the best possible way, maintenance costs are drastically reduced.


          The advantages are as follows:

          • Reduced downtime
          • Elimination of installation errors
          • Better working conditions
          • Basic measuring for future analysis
          • Quick return on investment
          • Reduced power consumption

          High Quality – High Efficiency - Good Economy

          The biggest and best return on your pump investment

          We provide inspection, commissioning, maintenance, service, and repair within:

          ? Marine & Offshore
          ? District Cooling & Heating
          ? HVAC Applications
          ? Power Plants
          ? Water Supply
          ? Seawater Applications
          ? Industrial Pumps
          ? Sprinkler Pumps



          Optimizing and Condition Based Maintenance of Pumps and Pumping Systems

          Global Contacts

          DESMI is a global company

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